Craft: Writing

My Writing Spot (App)

After converting my Nook to an Android tablet, I began perusing the Google Play store for productivity apps. I wanted something I could sink with Dropbox and not have to worry about juggling around my flash drive (not using the laptop so the flash drive is kinda moot at this point).

If you’re looking for a writing app that doesn’t have too many bells and whistles, try My Writing Spot. It’s available for download with both Ipad/Iphone and Android. You can also use its website and sink what you write on the website to the app on your device (make sure you have a wi-fi connection and a gmail account handy).

The app is simple. No formatting to get in your way. You just type. You can title your sections whatever you want and group them together by colors. Once grouped, the app syncs them together and provides you a total word count. A handy dictionary and thesaurus is also provided. So, so long

The only glitch I’ve found in the program concerns titling sections. The app allows only so many characters. But the website has no restriction. To bypass this restraint, I’ve just been retitling it on the website and synching it later.

Oh, and as for the Nook Color running Android’s Gingerbread, it’s working great. The small keyboard is an adjustment, but well worth it. The only flaw in the whole system I’ve noticed is you have to take the device out of usb host mode for it to charge correctly.

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