Craft: Writing

More on first chapters…

I’m still working out the kinks in chapter one. Papa’s Bones was a mystery. Comfortable in Alone is more literary: how do people overcome prolonged contact with a psychopath? What is a psychopath? Some look to Charles Manson or fictional characters like Hannibal Lector for examples, but according to Dr. Robert D. Hare, these types of individuals are rare. Psychopaths have a grand sense of self-worth and easy smiles. They can suck even the strongest of wills into their narcissistic web of deceit and lies, and they don’t care if they rip your life to shreds. Dr. Martha Stout in her book: The Sociopath Next Door claims that 1/25 people are psychopaths. With these numbers, some one, some time, is bound to run into a psychopath. How does one protect themselves from people like these? I guess I’m just going to have to keep writing to figure it out 😉

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